Help the orcas live a happier life


Most people enjoy the entertainment of the amazing orcas but little do people know about the damaging effects that come with keeping those beauties of the ocean in captivity.

It would be beneficial for both orcas and humans if the orcas were released and left back into their natural habitat. It is an obvious reason as to why orcas would benefit. Taking any animal from their natural habitat is never a good idea. The orcas are taken out of the vas area that we call the ocean and put in a tiny tank. Imagine being kept in a small classroom sized area for the remained of your life. It would not be comfortable. You would most likely go crazy. Well, that's what we are doing to these poor orcas. Not only are they unhappy and crammed they also live a shorter life. The average life expectance for an orca in the wild ranges between 50 and 90 years in the wild, however , in captivity they live to about 20 if they're lucky. Over 140 orcas have died in captivity. This cases the human species to not only be cruel but selfish. It is not fair to force a poor whale to live a not only shorter but depressing life. 


It seems that all of these examples should be reasons or enough to release the orca back into the wild but for some it's not. This is where some would say my most compelling issue comes in. I realize that trainers of these killer beauties love their jobs and most are very passionate about it but they put themselves in danger every year. Often times it is only an aggressive nudge from the orcas but too often they actually kill. This is a tragedy that could very well be prevented. The human life is too valuable to have it thrown away for just a bit of entertainment. 



The next time you pay to visit and see an orca I hope you think again and take my argument into account. 

Thank you for reading.